Ostomy Halifax Society

Registered Name: Ostomy Halifax Society

Business Number: 119277184RR0001

Since 1973, Ostomy Halifax has been an active, independent volunteer based not-for-profit health organization that provides services and support to Nova Scotians living in the greater Halifax area prior to and after ostomy surgery.

We hold monthly meetings for our members, their families and guests, send children with ostomies to a summer camp and provide financial support for nurses that undertake training specific to the needs of ostomates. Our core hospital visitation program provides the opportunity for new ostomates and their loved ones the opportunity to chat with healthy, active ostomates about the non medical aspects of living with an ostomy. We also offer an external visitor program that offers support for ostomates experiencing non medical issues with their ostomies regardless of when the surgery was performed. In addition, our Ostomy Halifax newsletter, in continuous publication since 1973 is still available in either print or electronic format.

Financial Assistance is provided to Registered Nurses wishing to take additional training and courses to gain Enterostomal Nurse designation. These ET nurses specialize in the initial and continuing care of ostomates.

The Founders Endowment

The Dr. Fred Barton, Bette Yetman, Ruth Kenney, Ostomy Halifax Founders Endowment was established in 2015. It is named in honour of our three founding members. It has NOT been established simply to supplement our present operating budget but looks rather at provincial issues. So much more needs to be done in the fields of public awareness, support, program funding and reaching out to those ostomates who refuse to "come out of the bathroom". To find out more about the Founders Endowment please write to finance@ostomyhalifax.ca

Our Vision is to achieve the highest quality of life for ostomates in Nova Scotia

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