Ottawa Children's Choir


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Our Mission

The Ottawa Children's Choir is devoted to artistic excellence, community connection and, above all, the joy of singing.

The OCC supports this vision by:

* Striving for choral excellence through the provision of professional choral training for children who have demonstrated musical aptitude

* Promoting the advancement of children's musical education in, and knowledge and appreciation of, choral music

* Providing annual educational outreach initiatives

* Performing regularly within the National Capital Region, as well as nationally and internationally

* Studying and performing a wide variety of repertoire, with a particular emphasis on the works of Canadian composers

* Commissioning and performing new Canadian compositions

About Ottawa Children's Choir

The Ottawa Children's Choir exists to enrich artistically the lives of our choristers, families and the community. We offer an instructional music program emphasizing musicianship and vocal training through choral music experience.

We are five ensembles:

* Prima Choir, 6-7 years old

* The Viva Choir, at a beginner level;

* The Concert Choir, an intermediate group;

* The Chamber Choir, singing an advanced repertoire;

* Boys' Choir, for boys whose voice may or may not have changed.

Children have the opportunity to experience their own progress and growth as they master music with greater vocal facility and deeper musical understanding.

Choristers perform regularly within the National Capital Region, studying and singing the finest repertoire available, with an emphasis on Canadian compositions.

What People Are Saying

" Singing at the war memorial on Nov 11 2018...superb choir! they added so much to the ceremony. Bravo, Bravissimo"

— Angelyn Miller Esders

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