Business Number: 140888736RR0001

About This Charity

Our Vision

We are a community working towards building a just society where people are valued, shown dignity and respect and are given opportunity to attain a higher qualtiy of life.

Our Mission

We are called to come alongside people experiencing poverty and homelessness, demonstrate the message of Christ in deed and word, show compassion, build self-esteem and empower individuals through a strength based approach.

About Our Charity

We are very proud of the frontline services and programs we offer to individuals of all ages.

Our services include:

  • Street outreach six days a week. Staff and trained volunteers connect directly with homeless individuals on the streets, providing them with emergency provisions, such as sandwiches, granola bars, juice boxes, and socks, as well as someone to talk to on a lonely night.
  • Drop-In services once a week. Our drop-in provides a safe and welcome environment in which a caring community of staff, volunteers, and street-involved individuals gather. The services we provide include a continental breakfast with coffee and beverages, a hot lunch followed by sandwiches and desserts. Additionally, we provide a variety of free services, including haircuts, chiropractic care, seated massage, footcare, clothing and toiletries, as well as a Spiritual Care & discussion group.
  • Stop-In services twice a week. Our stop-in is a morning meet-and-greet where anyone can come in off the street for coffee and conversation with caring volunteers and staff.
  • Advocacy & Referrals: Our team is always ready to find resources for our street-engaged friends where they need them, from treatment centres to single parent programs to counseling.     

Our strength-based programs include:

  • 'Passion 4 Youth Fine Arts Program' for street-engaged youth, ages 16-25. The P4Y program uses a strength-based model of engagement. This approach operates on the assumption that despite serious obstacles faced by street-engaged youth (e.g., homelessness, mental health, addictions), there are talents and skills in each and everyone. We believe that if we can help troubled youth discover their gifts, they may attain a higher quality of life and be empowered to make positive change.  
  • Work Skills Program for youth and adults. This strength-based program offers both youth and adults an opportunity to further develop their work-readiness skills by engaging in various tasks such as cooking, serving food, sorting donations and answering phones.

With the faithful support of friends and volunteers from the community, OIM continues to make an impact in the downtown core, bringing a message of faith, hope and love.

What People Are Saying

"The art group has helped me keep in check and has become almost a second family. It is a wonderful group. "

— A participant from the P4Y art program.

"OIM helped me with clothing and shopping; they even helped me get a bursary for school."

— Street-engaged friend and client.

"OIM is a blessing from above; a safe place where our street friends can come and share their hearts and be heard and loved and met with great compassion without judgement. "

— Angie, OIM Volunteer, Wednesday stop-in.

"When my street friends allow me to wash their feet at the drop-in, it is an experience that is hard to put into words. I went into this prepared to be a blessing to our street friends, but what I was not prepared for was the enormous blessing they have been to me, each and every time."

— Debby, OIM Volunteer, Tuesday drop-in.

"This crew [of caring staff and volunteers] just helps the needy with food, friendship, clothing; the many faces of comfort."

— Kelly Egan, Columnist, The Ottawa Citizen, Read More

"OIM has a lot of good listeners among staff and volunteers. Everyone wants to listen to my stories!"

— Street-engaged friend and client.