Business Number: 140888736RR0001

About This Charity

Our Vision

We are a community working towards building a just society where people are valued, shown dignity and respect and are given opportunity to attain a higher qualtiy of life.

Our Mission

We are called to come alongside people experiencing poverty and homelessness, demonstrate the message of Christ in deed and word, show compassion, build self-esteem and empower individuals through a strength based approach.

About Our Charity

We are a charity serving those experiencing poverty and homelessness through:

Street Outreach, Drop-Ins, Work Skills, and our 'Passion 4 Youth' art program.

What People Are Saying

"The art group has helped me keep in check and has become almost a second family. It is a wonderful group. "

— A participant from the P4Y art program.

"OIM helped me with clothing and shopping; they even helped me get a bursary for school."

— Street-engaged friend and client.

"OIM has a lot of good listeners among staff and volunteers. Everyone wants to listen to my stories!"

— Street-engaged friend and client.