Ottawa Paw Pantry

Registered Name: Ottawa Paw Pantry

Business Number: 706170891RR0001

Founded in 2016, the Ottawa Paw Pantry is a 100% volunteer run non-profit pet food resource established to help prevent the abandonment or surrender of animals when their families cannot afford to feed them.

When your pets have become extensions of your family, you want nothing but the best for them. Giving up a family pet because you can’t provide food is a very difficult experience for both the humans and the animal.

The Ottawa Paw Pantry provides temporary food assistance to qualifying low-income owners who are currently unable to afford food for their pets and may be forced to give up their pets without food assistance.

What People Are Saying

"Before the Ottawa Paw pantry helped us, my bowl would be empty sometimes so mommy would give us her dinner so we wouldn’t go hungry. One day, our mom came home with a cart full of food and treats! Now she doesn’t need to give us her dinner, so we sit and eat dinner together."

— Olivia the Beagle & family

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