Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church


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Our Mission

 Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church

As believers in God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, and believers in the Salvation revealed by Jesus Christ, the very existence of Holy Rosary church is to be a living witness of God’s promises to human beings.

As an Apostolic Church, faithful to her Master, the Catholic Church continues to bring Light to the world. “ . . . What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have touched with our hands, the Word of Life, . . . . . who was made visible to us, . . . . , we proclaim now to you.” (1 John 1: 1ff)

Committed to her ministry of preaching the Gospel, to love God and thy neighbour, and her relentless effort to steer the world into moral values, the Catholic Church administers the Sacraments to the people of God. Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church continues to fulfill this call to serve the people of God, nevertheless she is not immune to the living expenses and costs of life needed for her apostolicity. Your donations and Sunday contributions are essential to the life of the parish. Proud of our sacred place of worship, let us hail and support our parish in any way we can.

May God give you wisdom and inspiration.

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