Out Innerspace Dance Theatre

Registered Name: Out Innerspace Dance Theatre and Film Society

Business Number: 819329624RR0001

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre & Film Society is based in Vancouver and formed in 2007 by Artistic Directors David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen and creates extraordinary contemporary dance works. OIS believes that dance is an essential and distinctive part of discovering, developing and sharing what it means to be human and works with uncompromising rigour and unreserved ingenuity to dance in a way that honors to whom and what we are dancing for, with and about.

OIS is a touring company that has created numerous works for diverse platforms including 4 full-length performance works, numerous improvisational and interdisciplinary short works and more than 10 works for post-secondary institutions including Fontys Dansacademie in The Netherlands. They have enjoyed over 5 National Tours, were the 2014 recipient of the CanDance Creation Fund, the featured company at the 2017 MilanOltre Festival in Italy, and the 2019 recipient of the Chrystal Dance Prize. 

Artistic Directors David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen challenge each other to commit to their imaginations in order to expound their mutual voice, seeing no limitation to how they can push the idioms of dance as they know it. With an equal appetite for amusement and poignant meaning they combine their contrasting points of view to make a radically intricate and indicative dance language. They value the body and human experience as unlimited resources for discovery and meaning and rely on diligent process, rigorous free play and diverse inspiration to start something new and ever changing.

Their education programme Modus Operandi nurtures young aspiring professionals within a multi-year curriculum that provides pivotal and relevant development with leading dance experts. M.O. Alumni are performing and presenting their own works internationally and celebrated as some of Canada's most contemporary and diverse young movers and thinkers.

All OIS activity from creation to performance, education, and outreach exists with the aim of repositioning dance at the center of public interest, and making long-lasting contributions to dance as a vital Canadian art form.

“The dancing is athletic, satisfying and accomplished. Tregarthen and Raymond’s vision is jaw-droppingly original, abstract, visceral and challenging. This is bold and exciting contemporary dance.”  - Times Colonist

What People Are Saying

"“Endowed with an original and remarkable mastery of scenography...Out Innerspace expands its enigmatic intrigue with a surreal and glowing experience of humanity. Intense and skillfully coordinated choreography unveils an unusual facet of contemporary dance against a backdrop of social justice.”"

— - Claire-Marine Beha, Baron (Montreal) (November 2017)

"“This gorgeous and moving pas de deux, is both a self-contained love story and a story of life itself. We travel great distances with these lovers, from self-discovery, to death and beyond. Intricate and irreverent...It’s a treat to see this talented and boldly imaginative company touring Canada.”"

— - MARTHA SCHABAS, The Globe and Mail 2015 Top 5 Dance Events, Toronto , Read More

"“Brilliantly crafted so that anyone who has felt for another person deeply can relate personally to the show in an intimate experience. I laughed, cried and pondered my life experiences… I have to feel for my seat to make sure I’m still sitting in the theatre where I last left myself.”"

— - Kara Friesen, Halifax Dance Seen (April 2015), Read More

"“Tregarthen and Raymond share a deep understanding not only of each other, but of what makes a performance both meaningful and enjoyable. Tregarthen and Raymond simply have a lot of range, and they’re eloquent with what they’ve got.” "

— - Mark Mann, Mooney on Theatre Toronto (2015)

"“Major Motion Picture is the Rage Against the Machine of contemporary dance: compelling, critical, protest-driven, and insightful...As contemporary dance begins to stray further and further over the line into theatre, this is the kind of performance we can hope for.” "

— - Andrea Loewen, Vancouver Presents (October 15, 2016)

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