Out on the Shelf Inc.

Registered Name: Out on the Shelf Inc.

Business Number: 816855159RR0001

Our Mission

Out On The Shelf provides support, education and resources for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer (LGBTQ) communities and the public at large.

About Out on the Shelf Inc.

Out On The Shelf serves and engages members of the LGBTQ communities and their allies, providing support, education and resources.

Out On The Shelf:

* is a volunteer-driven, community service organization that is an incorporated not-for-profit, registered charitable organization;

* provides LGBTQ-focused educational materials, fiction and non-fiction books, videos and music that can be used in the space or borrowed for home;

* educates our community on LGBTQ issues, history and culture, and combats homophobia;

* is a public space where the LGBTQ community in Guelph can gather, where people can drop-in, where small LGBTQ events can be held, and where new residents or people in search of information on LGBTQ resources can be assisted.

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