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Through the transformative art of dance, Indigenous youth are inspired to pursue education, engage in self-expression&celebrate empowerment!

Outside Looking In


Our Mission

Through the transformative art of dance, Indigenous youth are inspired to pursue education, engage in self expression, and celebrate empowerment!

About Outside Looking In

Outside Looking In (OLI) is an Indigenous led organization that has a demonstrated track record of supporting and empowering Indigenous youth from high school to their career path of choice. By offering opportunities to be actively engaged in the arts, OLI provides youth with an outlet to be creative and to find a safe space where they can perform, learn, connect, be heard, and feel connected within their community. Through the transformative power of dance, youth are inspired to pursue education, engage in self-expression, and celebrate empowerment. We provide a full life cycle of programs that assist and support youth from the Intermediate grades, through high school to post-secondary education and career readiness.

The high school graduation rate for Indigenous youth currently hovers around 40 percent nationally, compared to mainstream Canada, which is closer to 75 percent. With most Indigenous families affected by the traumatic past of residential schools, the benefits of education have been somewhat lost from parents to children & arts education is not always accessible in Indigenous communities. OLI Dance addresses these issues as youth engage with movement, have a space to feel free & express themselves, uphold attendance in school, attain a strong academic average, practise positive behaviour & dedicate time & effort to hone performance skills.

Outside Looking In was created to help address the many challenges facing Indigenous Youth by providing them an outlet to be creative, a space where they can perform, learn, connect, be heard and feel one with their community. Through our programs, Indigenous youth are inspired to continue and complete their education. Teachings about long-term commitment, accountability and responsibility, and financial literacy motivate OLI youth to persevere through challenges and develop a positive vision for their future. Outside Looking In provides youth with tangible learning experiences, increases their access to the power of arts education, and affords opportunities to celebrate and showcase their accomplishments on a national platform. Our program focuses on experiential learning, combining classroom time with regular dance rehearsals with instruction from a professional choreographer. The dance program is a vital first step to academic success and empowerment. Many communities sign on for additional OLI programs such as RBC Future Leaders, and Alumni Excelerator once they witness OLI's positive impact on their youth and community. 

What People Are Saying

"The Future Leaders program encourages youth to be better role-models. I learned that OLI will stop at nothing to empower you.” – Anonymous Future Leader


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