Ovarian Cancer Canada

Registered Name: Ovarian Cancer Canada/Cancer de l'Ovaire Canada

Business Number: 872974845RR0001

One out of every two women diagnosed with ovarian cancer isn’t expected to live to see another five years. This survival rate hasn’t improved in five decades.

But today, you can help save women’s lives.

Ovarian Cancer Canada is the only registered Canadian charity solely dedicated to overcoming ovarian cancer. Your generous donation will help:

  • Extend important lifelines like OVdialogue, an online community where hundreds of women are connecting with one another to get and give advice
  • Reach thousands of women who are newly diagnosed and others facing recurrence with resources such as By Your Side, a guide that combines the best available information from experts with practical insights from women who have been there
  • Strengthen advocacy efforts that are bringing the community closer than ever to securing an immediate additional $10 million in federal research funding to support improved treatments
  • Directly fund ongoing research efforts and fuel top ranked peer-reviewed projects
  • Further scientific resources, such as the Ovarian Cancer Canada Tissue Banking Network, which collects biological samples and makes them available for study

When you donate to Ovarian Cancer Canada, you help women living with ovarian cancer and all those at risk of the disease to live fuller, better, longer lives.

To see your gift in action, visit ovariancanada.org.

For further information, please call 1-877-413-7970 or email info@ovariancanada.org.

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