Ovarian Cancer Canada

Registered Name: Ovarian Cancer Canada/Cancer de l'Ovaire Canada

Business Number: 872974845RR0001

Unite for her on World Ovarian Cancer Day - May 8

Donate today, for her tomorrow.

World Ovarian Cancer Day is on May 8. It’s a day where women, families, communities, charitable organizations, and everyone affected by this disease come together to spotlight this important women’s health issue.

As the world is focused on keeping everyone safe and healthy during a pandemic, Ovarian Cancer Canada keeps its focus on advancing progress on ovarian cancer and helping women live fuller, better, longer lives.

Let’s unite for her on World Ovarian Cancer Day. We have set an ambitious goal of raising $45,000 to further our vital work. Will you join us?

Ovarian Cancer Canada is the only registered Canadian charity solely dedicated to overcoming ovarian cancer. Here’s how your donation can change outcomes for women today:

$35 allows Ovarian Cancer Canada to deliver a By Your Side guide to help one of the 2,800 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year in Canada

$75 supports advocacy efforts to further research of ovarian cancer to enable prevention and more effective treatments, and ultimately to improve survival

$125 inspires leading minds to pursue careers in ovarian cancer research to help save more women’s lives

$250 ensures no woman is alone by funding OVdialogue, an online community for women living with ovarian cancer to connect from anywhere in the country, share experiences, and ask questions on a host of topics

$500 funds support workshops and ovarian cancer education symposia, bringing together women living with the disease, their family members, and health professionals.

For further information, visit ovariancanada.org, email info@ovariancanada.org, or call 1-877-413-7970.

What People Are Saying

"Even now while I cope with an ongoing fear of recurrence, facing early menopause and – as grateful as I am for my two children – not being able to have more children because of my treatments – I know I am not alone. Much of that comes from my connection to Ovarian Cancer Canada."

— Erin Barrett, Board Member, Ovarian Cancer Canada, British Columbia , Read More

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