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COVID-19 Relief Efforts

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COVID-19 Relief Efforts

As COVID-19 vaccines roll out in many countries around the world, low-income countries will likely not see a vaccine for years due to the current system. Poor countries with fragile public health systems, where people are already facing many threats to their survival, continue to be at greatest risk of infection and death.

Right now Oxfam is working with local partners in more than 50 countries to support COVID-19 prevention through water, sanitation, supplies and hygiene efforts, in addition to cash distributions where hunger is being intensified by COVID-19 and climate change.

Your donation today will support ongoing relief efforts and calls for medical supplies like: vaccine syringes being sent to Cuba and PPE distribution as part of our COVID-19 response in India.

Donate today so we can continue to provide COVID-19 relief as the most vulnerable await vaccines.