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One out of three adults in Edmonton struggle with reading and writing. This means that they cannot write a resume or fill in a job application. They can’t read letters from school, the government or their doctors. They can’t read or understand instructions on a medical bottle for their child or themselves. Low level literacy skills impact their lives in a negative manner on every level.

People with poor reading skills can not:

  • Fill out a job application
  • Read a manual at work
  • Read a recipe or a pill bottle
  • Read letters

1 out of 2 people have problems with basic math.

Many of our math students are preparing for entrance into a job training program and/or an apprenticeship. Improving their math skills can help them pass an entrance exam and get them on a path to educational opportunities and better employment. Approximately 30 students a year from P.A.L.S. pass the apprenticeship entrance exam.

P.A.L.S. offers programs to adults who wish to improve their reading, writing and math skills. We also offer group classes in speaking English and one to one matches to improve spoken English.

Student’s lives get a lot better when they improve their reading, writing and math. They get:

  • better jobs
  • make more money
  • and feel a lot better about themselves.

P.A.L.S. match students one to one with a tutor who will help them to read or write or do better at math.

P.A.L.S. also offers English classes in conversation and literacy. 40% of our students are ESL. Most of them are established immigrants who are working to improve their literacy skills. This helps them become more active contributors to the Canadian economy. For all our students every academic level they master can give them up to 10% in increased income and an immeasurable increase in self-confidence and pride.

Our tutors are people who enjoy reading or math and want to share that with some one else. They do not get Paid!  They do it because they want to help!

There is no cost to the student and lessons are set up so they fit into the student’s life.

What People Are Saying

"My English was so bad and I was scared to look for a job. Since coming to P.A.L.S. I am looking for job opportunities. I am not scared any more."

— ESL student

"I went for a job interview and they asked me to solve some math questions. I did it. Before coming to P.A.L.S. I could not have done that. I got the job."

— Math student

"When I started at P.A.L.S. , I was worried that my poor reading skills would cause me to lose my job. Now my reading and writing has improved so much that I am now working as a supervisor."

— Literacy student

"P.A.L.S. was my first introduction to the world of volunteering. There is a genuine sense of community, a place where everyone is accepted. My experience at P.A.L.S. has been extraordinarily fulfilling!"

— Tutor

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