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Registered Name: Project for the Advancement of Childhood Education (Canada)

Business No: 861909356RR0001

We recognize the importance of the early years in the process of child development. We support kindergarten schools and teachers in Jamaica.



Our Mission

• To provide young children with positive early learning experiences such as reading and supervised play activities through partnership with educational and community organizations.

• To encourage community participation in providing practical forms of assistance to pre-school programs.

• To encourage students to enter pre-school teacher training by providing scholarships and bursaries, and through networking and research.

• To facilitate international teacher exchange programs aimed at upgrading the skills of pre-school teachers.

• To inform the Jamaican-Canadian community groups in Canada and encourage them to help us meet the needs of the above pre-school programs through volunteering and other support.


We recognize the importance of the early years in the process of child development. Therefore, our goal is to be responsive, mobilizing and supporting community efforts to provide a positive learning environment for young children by facilitating parent and teacher education and providing practical forms of assistance for the learning context.

We help to ensure that the children get the best possible nutrition, educational and developmental programs. We feel this will reduce social and economic disparities, as well as provide the best opportunity for the children to compete in the global economy.


1390 Eglinton Ave. West

Toronto, ON, M6C 2E4

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