Pace Community Support, Sexual Assault, and Trauma Centre

Registered Name: P.A.C.E.(Providing Assistance, Couselling, and Education on Sexual Assault and S

Business Number: 121387500RR0001

Providing counseling and support services to victims of sexual violence, crisis, and trauma in Northwest Alberta since 1981.  Pace believes that everyone dealing with, or experiencing crisis and trauma has the right to access skilled, caring, and professional services.

Pace opened its doors on July 1st, 1981 and has since established numerous programs and support services to address the needs of Grande Prairie and area. In 1982, PACE became the sponsoring agency for the Suicide Prevention Resource Network and The Breakfast Club, which now operate as it's own agency.

In 2012 Pace helped establish the Caribou Child & Youth Centre which provides a safe and caring space for RCMP & Child and Family Services to interview children and youth who have been victims of crime. The Centre strives to minimize the stress, anxiety, & trauma a child may experience, and promote safety, protection, and justice.

Pace believes that understanding and education are key elements in prevention. The goal of our Public Awareness Programming is to educate the communities in our region by providing accurate information and resources in order to affect attitudes and behaviors surrounding sexual abuse, sexual assault, and trauma in a way that reduces these issues and their impact.

We provide leading edge training in best practice to front line workers, service providers, students and community organizations through our Community Support Training Program. In a partnership with Grande Prairie Regional College we also offer Crisis Response Management Certification through participation in training on a variety of topics; Intimate Partner Violence, Crisis Intervention & Communication, First Responders to Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse, Applied Suicide Intervention Training (ASIST), Healthy Youth Relationships, Mental Health First Aid, Children & Trauma, Grief & Loss, Awareness of Self-harming behavior, etc.

With satellite offices in High Prairie, High Level, Valleyview, and Peace River, Pace has over 40 staff members who provide support and counseling services to clients, and facilitate the many different programs & services offered. Our organization relies on government funding, community fundraising events, and treasured volunteers to help minimize wait times for clients, provide expedient access to supports and services, and keep our programs running and our doors open. This ongoing support allows us to offer leading edge, reliable and successful programs to our community and the many clients we serve.

What People Are Saying

"This [Women's Support] group is greatly appreciated and it make the difference in my life. Thanks so much for everything."

— Anonymous - Women's Support Group

"This [Who Do You Tell] program is extremely well organized , presented , and thoughtful. It should be in every school. "

— Teacher Grade 7-12 "Who Do You Tell" Program

"I learned to recognize sexual harassment. There are a lot of things I didn't know counted as sexual harassment that happen to me. It`s not ok for me to be treated that way and now I feel more confident standing up to that."

— Student Grade 7-12 "Who Do You Tell" Program

"I am talking about how abuse has affected me with my sisters, we are all talking about things we never used to speak about, we want to end the trauma with our generation, we want to be there for our children."

— Anonymous - Intergenerational Healing

"I was very satisfied with the program and thankful it is in place. The staff are great, very helpful and positive attitudes."

— Anonymous - Safe Visitation

"I cannot thank [Pace] enough for helping my whole family. You do an exceptional job . . . I really appreciated you talking with me about being raised in my family and its effects on me and my own family. "

— Anonymous - Safe Visitation

"The biggest realization I had is to take care of myself, that if I am not safe, and if I cannot control my emotions, and communicate my feelings and needs, I cannot help the children build those skills. I now believe in myself, and I deserve to have safety and respect in my relationships."

— Anonymous - Intergenerational Healing

"I never thought of myself as important before, everyone else's needs came before mine. This has flipped for me – I am setting healthy boundaries, talking about my feelings, my thoughts, what I need, and it is working. "

— Anonymous - Intergenerational Healing

"[Safe Visitation Staff] were great to work with. The program helped me get past my emotions and then focus on my child's needs."

— Anonymous - Safe Visitation

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