PISE (Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence)

Registered Name: Pacific Institute For Sport Excellence Society

Business Number: 857038327RR0001

Founded in 2008, PISE is a non-profit organization that provides programs and services for South Vancouver Island while managing the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence facility, the first summer sport institute in Canada. Nationally recognized for work in the areas of physical literacy and inclusion, PISE is also a part of the viaSport Regional Alliance in BC. The organization helps build a healthy, active community while focusing on inclusion, physical literacy, active living and supporting the development of performance sport.  PISE’s driving purpose is to transform lives through healthy activity and sport by providing physical activity and health education programming and services for children, youth and adults. 

There are many children in the south Vancouver Island who do not have access to physical literacy enriched activity, developing athletes who cannot afford quality training and persons with disabilities trying to find the strength, courage and support to become physically active or join the next Paralympic team. PISE provides an inclusive training and learning environment for all ages and we welcome your support in helping to make a difference in so many lives.

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