Pacific Peoples' Partnership


Business Number: 119254977RR0001

For over forty five years, Pacific Peoples’ Partnership has supported the aspirations of South Pacific Islanders and Indigenous peoples for peace, environmental sustainability, social justice and community development.  

Based on Lekwungen territories in Victoria BC, Canada, we are Canada’s only non-profit organization and registered charity focused specifically on the island nations of the South Pacific. Our programs reach members and supporters in more than 35 countries worldwide.

Our Mission

Working in partnerships to support the aspirations of Canadian First Nation and South Pacific Indigenous peoples for peace, justice, environmental sustainability and development.

Our Programs

Our current programming is focused on promoting climate resilience and gender equity in South Pacific communities, and on facilitating knowledge exchange between Pacific Islanders and the Indigenous peoples of Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Learn more at

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What People Are Saying

"Few areas of the world face greater environmental degradation than the South Pacific nations. The work of Pacific Peoples’ Partnership with the Pacific Peoples deserves the support of all who care about this region of the world. "

— -David Suzuki, science broadcaster and environmental activist, Vancouv

"PPP has staying power.... This is the sort of group that gets things done and works for important issues with remarkable tenacity. I'm proud to have been a supporter of PPP for two decades and I know that PPP has great work still to do."

— -David Webster, Associate Professor, Bishop's University, History Dept

"This fine organization works at a grassroots level... I feel good about being a part of an organization which works with local non-profit groups to ensure that my donations help people who need it in ways which they prefer. "

— -Kristina Stevens, PPP Sustaining Donor

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