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Our Mission

Pacific Peoples' Partnership (PPP) is a Canadian NGO devoted to working in partnership with peoples of the South Pacific and First Nations of Canada to promote sustainable development models that empower communities while respecting traditional knowledge, cultural integrity and the fragile eco-systems upon which they depend.

Since its inception in 1975 PPP has also worked to educate and engage Canadians on global issues, delivering many dynamic and successful public engagement projects while creating opportunities for Pacific Island representatives to share their culture and unique world views.

Our past programs have included: Indigenous Peoples Abroad Programme (nearly 100 Interns placed in the South Pacific); WAINIMATE (Women’s Association for Natural Medicinal Therapy); Fair Trade: Bad Business or the Foundation of Global Prosperity? and Shifting Tides: Indigenous Responses to Global Climate Change.

PPP has long recognized the commonalities of experiences and struggles shared amongst Indigenous peoples of the South Pacific and the First Peoples of Canada. Our programmes seek to facilitate links between these two communities in an effort to stimulate an exchange of knowledge, ideas, experiences and strategies that strengthen mutual efforts for change.

About Our Charity

PPP works to promote increased understanding among the Canadian public and decision-makers of issues of importance to the people of the Pacific Islands. This can lead to recommending policy change at a national, regional, and international level. As an organization, we believe in fostering the development of sustainable communities in the Pacific Islands while also facilitating links between peoples of the Pacific Islands and Aboriginal Canadians.

Partnerships are at the heart of who we are and what we do. We believe in the power of collaboration because it ensures inspiring results inclusive of a range of diverse needs and expert knowledge. PPP’s partnerships integrate good governance practices, promote sustainable and healthy communities, and empower women and youth.

Of the many initiatives PPP is involved with, we've identified 5 main focus areas that we cater our time and attention to:


PPP has a strong history of achievements with our partners in projects designed to realize sustainable development and capacity building.  Most recently we completed a three year CIDA funded project in Manokwari, West Papua entitled “Papua Land of Peace: Civil Society Leadership in Conflict Transformation.”  This project built on over 28 years of commitment with our partners in West Papua on initiatives that improve sustainable livelihoods and community health, protect human rights and promote gender equity.  Learn how you can support our continued work to expand five women's cooperatives, serving a network of over 2,000 West Papuan women.

PPP has supported basic health training and service delivery in rural communities, which has led to improved health indicators and enhanced quality of disability outreach services in places like Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.

In Fiji, PPP was involved with strengthening women’s practice of traditional medicinal knowledge and empowering their leadership in science, technology, and environmental management.

As a leader in promoting resilient, sustainable communities, PPP develops Indigenous education programs involving scientists, elders, and youth leaders about issues such as climate change adaptation, migration, and food security.

PPP also takes a special interest in developing awareness about regional capacity across the South Pacific and ways to manage and protect resources.


PPP cultivates cross-Pacific exchanges for mutual problem solving, cultural protection, and network building. This included hosting a Pacific Islands media tour for prominent Canadian Indigenous journalists and creating international skill-building internships for over 100 Indigenous professionals. Sharing knowledge with their Pacific counterparts, our interns built a body of knowledge and best practices that continue to inform our work.


PPP has been hosting the Pacific Networking Conferences since 1988, bringing together leaders from across the Pacific to share experiences and learn from each other. These conferences helped to build synergies between civil society organizations, Indigenous communities, academics, and experts.

PPP regularly facilitates exchanges between north-south Indigenous leaders, knowledge keepers, and artists. 

PPP also retains a library of rare and one-of-a-kind resources about the Pacific that is available to our members, researchers and the public. Our library provides multitudes of resources to assist Canadians in preparation for living and working overseas.

PPP publishes a journal, Tok Blong Pasifik (Talk that belongs to the Pacific) that features a rich variety of articles, news and views on the Pacific from across the North and South.  We maintain a Facebook site and discussion group.


PPP hosts several local networking, arts, and informational events each year.  These have included our annual One Wave Festival, performances, lectures, workshops, presentations, and art exhibitions.  See a list of our upcoming events or read highlights from past events.


Our network of expertise on the Pacific makes us global leaders in facilitating discussions on policy, trade, and regional partnerships. This includes hosting conferences, round tables and community consultations, as well as producing foreign policy papers and educational resource toolkits. PPP is a contributing member of the following organizations: Canadian Council for International Cooperation; Asia-Pacific Working Group; Climate Action Network and British Columbia Council for International Cooperation.

What People Are Saying

"Few areas of the world face greater environmental degradation than the South Pacific nations. The work of Pacific Peoples’ Partnership with the Pacific Peoples deserves the support of all who care about this region of the world. "

— ‐David Suzuki, science broadcaster and environmental activist, Vancouv

"PPP has staying power.... This is the sort of group that gets things done and works for important issues with remarkable tenacity. I'm proud to have been a supporter of PPP for two decades and I know that PPP has great work still to do."

— -David Webster, Associate Professor, Bishop's University, History Dept, Read More

"This fine organization works at a grassroots level... I feel good about being a part of an organization which works with local non-profit groups to ensure that my donations help people who need it in ways which they prefer. "

— -Kristina Stevens, PPP Sustaining Donor

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