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Expanded Exercise Program

A run for your money
Adding exercise to addiction treatment can strengthen the effects of recovery. That’s why Pacifica Treatment Centre has created an exercise program for both current clients and program grads. Walking and running groups are improving our health and leading to better overall outcomes.
We want to expand our exercise program to include a cycling club and to be able to offer low-income working poor folks access to programs at our local Trout Lake Community Centre. That takes money, but in the long run, it’s money well invested. An annual gym membership, for instance, costs $264. The cost for an overnight in emergency: $2,000 a day.
Pacifica grads lives have changed thanks to exercise. Some examples (names have been changed):
* Nick has run over 1,400 kilometres, including two half marathons; he is now training for his first marathon.
* David was estranged from his father for 23 years; with running as a common hobby, the two have now reconnected.
* Sarah started a Facebook page and had led three hikes for people in recovery.
* John has become a certified yoga instructor and now shares his new-found passion for mindfulness with people from all walks of life.
Your donation is an investment in our community’s good health. Thank you for giving us a running start!

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