Business Number: 863632881RR0001

Our Mission

Performing Arts Lodge Stratford, PAL Stratford, is a voluntary organization dedicated to the provision of affordable housing, and other services to local members and associates of Canada’s professional and performing arts community, who are in need of assistance by reason of low income, age or disability.


The principal object of all PAL organizations is to provide affordable housing to those fifty-five years and older who are, or were, associated with Canada’s professional and performing arts communities. PAL’s goal is to assist senior members of our community in living independently and securely.

PAL Stratford owns and operates five units of affordable housing at 101 Brunswick St in Stratford. This home is a heritage property in the downtown core. "Places, please" is our campaign to raise funds to retire the remaining mortgage balance on the property.

PAL Stratford also provides services to the community through Supporting Cast, a volunteer outreach group, which offers confidential support to retirement age or ill members. Services include assistance in dealing with local social and community agencies and health care providers, as well as offering companionship, check-up phone calls, rides to appointments and running errands.

Members of PAL Stratford organize social events, including a weekly get-together for coffee and companionship hosted in the common rooms at 101 Brunswick St. Our space is also used for movie nights, rehearsals, readings, and other small gatherings.

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