Registered Name: Palliacco

Business Number: 808989669RR0001

Our Mission

PALLIACCO is a non-profit organization, its mission being to assist in providing a better quality of life to cancer patients, to end-of-life individuals, to caregivers and to persons in bereavement by offering them services focussed on accompaniment, respite and support. Services are provided in the Laurentian, Pays-d'en-Haut and southern part of Antoine-Labelle MRCs, in French and in English.

For more information: visit  or call 1-855-717-9646.

About Palliacco

In cooperation with our partners, our vision is to endow our region with top quality accompaniment, respite and support services, with a view to easing the physical, emotional, moral and psychosocial suffering of those who have been affected by cancer or a terminal illness and of caregivers, thereby allowing them to live their lives as fully as possible according to their desires.

Our values and principles are: priority to the needs of the patients and their caregivers, compassion, reliability, confidentiality, professionalism, competence, ethical conduct and generosity.

We like to be close to the patient and to the caregiver, to support him or her, to inform that person of the available resources in the area and to help that person as he or she progresses along the journey of life.

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