Registered Name: Fondation de la Société de soins palliatifs à domicile/ Palliative Home-Care Soc

Business Number: 118922236RR0001

Our Mission

Founded in 1980 by a group of individuals dedicated to helping cancer patients who choose to remain at home during the last phase of their life, the Fondation has never deviated from this objective.

In fact, since this day, the Palliative Home-Care Society Foundation has never ceased, with the generous support of its collaborators and supporters, to raise money from a variety of sources such as donations from individuals, community organizations, corporate sponsors, government grants and subsidies, in order to financially support the PALLIATIVE HOME-CARE SOCIETY OF GREATER MONTREAL.

The Foundation has done its job so well, that to this day, it has permitted the Palliative Home-Care Society to carry out its mission to over 50 000 patients and their families. Its mission is:

“To offer and dispense palliative care and services of the utmost quality to any person suffering from pre-terminal or terminal cancer, and who wishes to remain at home during the last phase of their life.”

The Foundation pursues its humanitarian work and continues to call upon the generosity of its benefactors to help the Society to care for and accompany the over 1 500 patients and their loved ones that seek our services yearly.


The Foundation raises money for the humanitarian work of the PALLIATIVE HOME-CARE SOCIETY OF GREATER MONTREAL which provides free, high quality palliative home-care for pre-terminal and terminal cancer patients.

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