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Calgary Pet Surrender Crisis

Registered Name: Parachutes for Pets

Business No: 778351338RR0001

Calgary Pet Surrender Crisis

Help us rally to save lives as others close their doors to at-risk pets in Calgary.

As of noon today, there is nowhere in Calgary to surrender a pet. Leaving vulnerable pet guardians with nowhere to turn in their time of need, creating an outcome where pets will be left on the streets and they will die. This is unacceptable and a failure to Calgarians.

During this state of emergency, we are rallying all resources to ease the high-stakes ramifications by supporting as many of these pets to stay with their families. 

We need help from all sectors to tackle this demand that this crisis will take on their services, as they set up a triage area and find ways to keep these pets with their families or in safekeeping. 


  • Monetary donations for vet care to avoid unnecessary cases of euthanasia for these pets
  • Temporary safekeeping options to offer the gift of time to these families in need.