Business Number: 129678231RR0001

About This Charity

Our Mission

The true meaning of PARC is reflected in our mission: "a community where people rebuild their lives."

About Our Charity

PARC works with members on issues of poverty, mental health, addictions, homelessness, and food security.

Members access services and develop relationships with our staff and one another through four core areas of operation: a drop-in centre, a peer-support program, an outreach program and supportive housing.

The idea of PARC was born in 1977 when a group of volunteers observed the large number of adults living in Parkdale rooming houses and boarding homes. Many were survivors of the psychiatric system, had little money, few family contacts and no real place to go and connect with peers.

The simple act of walking through our doors is what makes a person a PARC member. Choosing to give back, create and grow is how PARC members contribute and help build our community.

Within a shifting urban landscape, PARC also acts as a hub and meeting place for various agencies, enterprises and partners who strive to create lasting social change in Parkdale and beyond.