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Our Mission

On behalf of Saint Paul’s Parish Church in Aylmer, we wish to inform you of an important fund raising initiative that is in progress to undertake the reconstruction of our church, a heritage building.

After the fire on the 11th of June 2009, the Church Council has begun the work to prepare the rebuilding of the Church. While the precise shape that the new church will take is not yet determined, it is almost a certainty that the Parish will have a important need for funds to proceed with this project.

We count on your support to help preserve this valuable heritage building. We hope that you will make a donation from the heart.

By doing so, you will give a second life to our beautiful heritage which is used by our congregation as well as for other community and cultural activities.

Thank you!


While lingering on the square of Saint-Paul church...

During centuries, the square of the church furnished to our village the favourite place for parishioners to meet, communicate and exchanges. Today, the global village of the internet gives us the possibility to recreate a virtual square under cover of bad weather.

Who will take places on this virtual square? Let’s bet, that we will find a lot of people for this Christian founded community more than 160 years. There will also be other people who wish to make suggestions on our community life. We wish that the children and the young ones occupy their favourite place.

Our virtual square will take the colours of the users. For our part, we will hold the virtual square up to date, to make it welcoming and to take seriously your suggestions that you will leave.

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