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Pathway to Progress Nicaragua


Our Mission

Pathway to Progress Nicaragua is dedicated to supporting an innovative program in Nicaragua that provides educational opportunities for Nicaragua's most vulnerable sector: children and youth living in poverty.

Pathway To Change

Pathway to Change is committed to finding ways to overcome the barriers that deny children living in poverty access to a good education.

It is well-documented that the roots of hunger and poverty lie in inequalities that block access to education and opportunity.

Pathway to Change is a scholarship program that makes top-quality education available to bright children from families living in poverty in Nicaragua.

Pathway to Progress Nicaragua was incorporated and registered as a Canadian charity in February 2010. It supports the work of Pathway to Change by raising money in Canada to cover the cost of scholarships and education expenses for students enrolled in this program.

There are currently 90 children, ranging in age from 6 to 16 years, in this program attending two different private schools in Managua and Leon. 

The goal is to reach children early, beginning in the first grade, giving them the best possible chance to reach their full potential. A full scholarship of $2100 a year covers the cost of tuition,transportation, uniforms, books, school supplies and medical care.  The program provides family support through visiting social workers and after school tutoring for students in their core subjects including English and those whom are struggling or whose parents are unable to help with homework.  

In the time of Covid-19 the program continues on line and we have added food support and technical support for families as needed.

We also support 33 of our program graduates in their university studies.

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Child Sponsor Testimonials

“Having finally seen the work you have both dedicated your lives to at first-hand - I can say without reservation that it’s clear that it’s working and that you are making a positive difference in the lives of many people. Apart from all the love that is evident in what you do, I was impressed by the intelligence and disciplined focus of your mission.”

Chris Murphy, P2P volunteer and student sponsor, Halifax N.S. March 2018



“I have been a proud supporter of P2P since 2015. I have known and respected Ed Dunsworth since we first met in high school; then served together in the Naval Reserve while undergrads; and shared three years together at Dalhousie Law School. When I heard that he and his very talented wife Barbara had chosen “the road less travelled” in mid-career and gone off to do volunteer work in Central America I was hugely impressed. Following their work and the progress of “my student Kimberley” for the last five years has been a wonderful and rewarding experience for me. The children are well carried for. Barb and Ed follow their progress as closely as if the children were their own. The results are remarkable. You keep up the great work and you can be assured of my continued support.”

Wendell Sanford, P2P volunteer and student sponsor, Halifax N.S., August 2019



Watching the News on TV, reading newspapers, following world events on Facebook and Twitter can be very discouraging: life can be tough and good opportunities scarce for so many. Is there anything an average person can do to make a difference?

Well, my answer has been to sponsor the education of Erick, through Pathway to Progress Nicaragua.  Erick has faced many challenges through his adolescence and Edward and Barbara have helped him navigate his way through them. Erick has now been accepted into the University of Central America!

What does his future hold? I don’t know, but I do know that he has been given an exceptional education, support and affirmation that he has choices that can benefit not only himself, but through the ripple effect, his family and community.

P2PN is a wholesome, dynamic project that has made a difference and I have had the privilege of being part of it. 

Eleanor Moore, former P2P board member and child sponsor, Ottawa, ON, September 2019



"Six years ago, my husband Ken, my brother and sister and their spouses, joined forces with me in supporting Kevin, a then 7-year-old Grade 2 student in Nicaragua. through Pathway to Progress Nicaragua. I have been an educator throughout my career; a classroom teacher, a Resource teacher, a School Psychologist and a Supervisor dealing with children with special needs.  I understand how difficult it is for children to advance when they have multiple challenges.  To be living in Nicaragua in the midst of abject poverty, I can’t even imagine what barriers these children must face. My belief is that the opportunity to participate in this program will not only help Kevin, but will be a continued benefit to his children and his grandchildren, changing their lives forever."

Catherine Dunsworth Chapman, P2P student sponsor, September 2019



We have been sponsoring a child’s education in Nicaragua since 2016 when we attended our first Breakfast of Hope event.  We were so impressed with the young student from Nicaragua who spoke to us (in excellent English) about how the support she and her family received from Pathway to Progress Nicaragua has allowed her to pursue her education and to dream about going to university to become a doctor and eventually to serve her local community. She was a powerful speaker and she moved us to want to support Pathway to Progress Nicaragua.

We strongly believe that education is essential for a child to reach their potential and to become a person who is able to contribute to and help in building a stronger and more hopeful community. 

Since our initial contribution in 2016 we have been following the progress of a young child at school.  The child has been doing excellent work each year being either first or second in the class.  Because Pathway to Progress Nicaragua believes that the whole family is important to success, we are confident that this child will grow up to be a successful and loving person who will give back so much more to the family and community.

We are grateful to Ed and Barbara Dunsworth and to the many volunteers of Pathway to Progress Nicaragua. Their work and their commitment exemplify the best in how we serve one another with humility and love to create a better world.

Michael Butler and Sadie Sassine, P2P student sponsors, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

September 18, 2019





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