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Pathways Serious Mental Illness Society

Registered Name: Pathways Serious Mental Illness Society

Business No: 894226935RR0001

A family support organization delivering free programs and services centered around education and support for mental illness across BC.

Pathways Serious Mental Illness Society


Our Mission

To alleviate the suffering caused by schizophrenia and other serious mental illness.


For almost three decades, Pathways Society has been helping family members cope with mental illness in a loved one and, through this vital support, has helped their mentally ill relatives in turn. It's support, too, of a unique, and uniquely valuable, kind. Our organization, as we explain on our website, "consists of family members and friends of the mentally ill who have been through it, know what others are going through, and can share their experiences." Families helping families.

Operating through our Family Support Centre, open five days a week (with crisis contact after hours), and with the assistance of staff, we provide support, counselling, information, education, advocacy, and outreach services. The Centre helps families dealing with all serious mental illnesses: schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety disorders. We fight stigma and advocate for families and patients. It's front-line work - and work that makes a difference.

Your Donation

Your donation can transform the lives of families, significant others, and friends of those living with a serious mental illness who have been excluded and forgotten by formal channels of the mental health system across British Columbia.By acting now, we can alleviate the suffering, despair, and isolation families experience and end cycles of trauma by connecting families with the support, education, information, and resources they need to empower them to better cope and care for themselves, their family and ill loved one.


101-315 West 1st Street

North Vancouver, BC, V7M 1B5

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