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Patrick Street Productions


Let's Make Something Extraordinary

Patrick Street Productions is dedicated to producing musicals of the highest caliber. Box-office revenue covers a portion of our expenses; however, in order to continue to create exceptional musicals we need your support. Your gift goes directly to the shows we create so, whatever your gift, you will be part of something extraordinary.

About Patrick Street Productions Society

There is so much passion and professionalism in every Patrick Street Production. Husband and wife team and Co-Artistic Producers Peter Jorgensen and Katey Wright pull out all the stops to deliver polished, powerful musical theatre.-

Patrick Street Productions was founded in 2007 by Artistic Producers Peter Jorgensen and Katey Wright with a simple mandate: to offer great productions of great plays and musicals for Metro Vancouver, with an emphasis on contemporary musicals that have not yet been professionally produced in the region.

When selecting shows, we carefully consider several factors: does the story ring true; is the show as smart as its audience; is the music integral to the story and a true expression of its time, place and character; finally, will the piece challenge an audience’s idea of what a musical is, and what a musical can do? We don’t want our audience to merely be pleased or entertained, we want you to be thrilled, frustrated, elated, disturbed, impassioned… through the music, we want the story to connect with you in a deeper, more honest way.

Within all of our activities we emphasize these core values: Professional Development for Artists; Promotion of Artists; Mentorship for Young Artists; and Accessibility for All.


730 Fourth Street

New Westminster, BC, V3L 2W3

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