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Paws for Hope Animal Foundation

Registered Name: Paws for Hope Animal Foundation

Business No: 846898088RR0001

Paws for Hope Animal Foundation helps our most vulnerable pets in times of crisis and works to keep them with their families.

Paws for Hope Animal Foundation


Our Mission

Keep pets and people together, ensure BC pets survive and thrive, and support positive change in the BC Animal Welfare Sector

Our Vision

Communities that embrace all pets as family, ensuring they are loved, free from harm, and where no pet is left behind.

About Paws for Hope Animal Foundation

Each year in BC, tens of thousands of pets are taken in by community-based rescue organizations and shelters. They are abandoned and surrendered for a number of reasons—families with a pet in distress often feel that they have nowhere to turn, individuals in crisis or fleeing violence are rarely able to take their pets with them, many people are unable to find pet-friendly housing.

In order to create meaningful and lasting change for pets, we must also recognize the needs of their people. Pets and their people are bonded; their lives are inextricably linked. For the vast majority of households, animals are considered members of the family. As such, we believe that animal welfare work must integrate with social services sector and support the people who share their lives with the pets we are helping.

You will see that belief in our approach to all of the work we do—in all of our programs and initiatives and partnerships. Paws for Hope is a non-profit with many moving parts, but they are all connected by a unifying mission and three key priorities.


PO Box 20973

Maple Ridge RPO

Maple Ridge, BC, V2Z 1P7

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