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PCHS Foundation

Registered Name: PCHS Foundation / Fondation PCHS

Business No: 782554687RR0001

The PCHS Foundation is the funding partner of the 30-year-old People-Centered Health Services. Deep-rooted in the communities we serve

PCHS Foundation


The PCHS Foundation is the funding partner and the beating heart of the 30-year-old People-Centered Health Services.

We are a lean, volunteer-supported community partner, and a trusted channel of choice for those who want to expand the range of their generosity to reach the well-deserved families of our communities.  

The PCHS Foundation is inclusive and deep-rooted in the communities we serve across Canada. We are culturally appropriate as we immerse ourselves in the diverse values of the societies that we provide support to.

Our support philosophies are based on providing holistic services, evolving programs, and judgment-free care for the most vulnerable individuals and their families.

We are not just an organization that provides transactional services to our communities, we provide culturally responsive services with love, compassion and dignity to ensure that individuals and families heal and flourish, and communities grow healthy, happy and strong.


50 Sunny Meadow Blvd

Suite 201

Brampton, ON, L6R 0Y7

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