PCHS Calgary

Registered Name: Punjabi Community Health Services Calgary Society

Business Number: 802996983RR0001

Mission: Empowering individuals and families to nurture healthy communities.

Vision: Thriving Communities

The Sahara Family Support Program formulated in response to the South Asian communities' need for intervention and support in a variety of areas. This program recognizes the unique needs of a collectivist culture in a Western context. Thus, all services within this program provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services that deeply understand the collective consciousness of South Asians.

The Model

SFSP is based on the Integrated Holistic Service Delivery Model (IHSDM). This model combines the interventions that are most applicable to the client to facilitate a wrap-around experience in services. PCHS Calgary currently provides supports in the areas of mental health, addiction and family enhancement. Where there are gaps in service, PCHS Calgary has cultivated collaborations and partnerships to bridge and facilitate continuity of care. The SFSP continues to have a robust outreach and partnership building component that helps facilitates this client care.


What People Are Saying

"I gained a very good knowledge of my relationship with my children... I learned how to understand different cultures between parents and kids. The program also helped me a lot in dealing with my depression. "

— Client

"Thank you for all your assistance through my hard time. Please accept our sincere gratitude for your help during our family crisis, my family and myself we all are very grateful for all your help and support."

— Client

"We need you now, more than ever to support the vulnerable members of our society who may have lost their voice battling addictions, mental health or domestic violence. Together, PCHS and You, can make a difference in their lives, help them find that voice again. Please make your donation count "

— Board Chair

"“ I attended the Sahara Wellness group at PCHS Calgary. It was really helpful for me and motivated me. Thank you for supporting me, I appreciated it.” "

— (Client) Female, 31 years old (Domestic Violence Program)

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