Peacebuilders International (Canada)


Business Number: 838776524RR0001

Our Mission

In July 2002, at meetings in Port Royal, Jamaica, eighteen peacebuilders from various high conflict areas around the world identified eight values essential to address conflict without violence: compassion, empathy, equality, honesty, humility, integrity, respect and responsibility.

Peacebuilders International's (PBI) mission is to “create cross-cultural partnerships among youth and adults through capacity building for peaceful and sustainable communities”.

In doing so, PBI is also engaging the volunteer expertise and support of lawyers, mental health and other professionals as well as community members and leaders to support the efforts of the youth who are trying to turn their lives around.

About Peacebuilders International (Canada)

In Toronto, PBI works in highly diverse and challenged inner-city neighborhoods and achieves its mission by helping troubled youth get back to school and reduce future encounters with the law. We have established diversion programs which take referrals of youth from police, probation, crown attorneys, judges and from the schools.

PBI facilitates the engagement of the youth with a specially designed support group which works with the youth to address both presenting and underlying issues, develops an action plan and follows up with the youth.

The youth and their support group participate in "Peacemaking Circles," which helps them work together towards common productive outcomes.

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