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Literacy opens doors

Our mission is to advance literacy for the people of Prince Edward Island. 

Our vision is that all Islanders are able to participate fully in family, work, and community.

We exist to:

  • decrease gaps and overlaps in literacy services to adult learners and their families
  • reduce barriers to people with low literacy levels
  • inform Islanders about the personal costs of low literacy on economic, cultural, political and social aspects of life
  • promote a culture where literacy is valued and celebrated across PEI

We believe:

  • Learning is lifelong.
  • Literacy is a right.
  • Literacy and learning opens doors.

We believe that building a culture of literacy and learning supports all Islanders to reach their full potential and make PEI a great place to live.   

What People Are Saying

" "No one gets anywhere without a lot of help from other people. Thanks in part to the Literacy Alliance, now I have my GED and I am a successful business owner." "

— Dianne Smith, Alliance Bursary Winner, Read More

"Now I know I'm smart!"

— Ready Set Learn! Program Student

"I am a mature student with a math learning disability and a speech impairment. The journey to attend post secondary studies as been a long one. Thank you [Literacy Alliance] for being a part of my academic journey and helping to ease some of the financial burden of going back to school"

— Bryan - winner of one of our scholarships for adult learners, Read More

"I had not fooled everyone and it was a relief to admit it. For 2 years, twice a week, we [my tutor and I] met and I could see the change in myself. I am no longer afraid of a piece of paper with words on it and most of all, I enjoy reading very much."

— Terry Affleck, Read More

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