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Bring an International Bird Intern to PIBO


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Bring an International Bird Intern to PIBO

Every fall, billions of birds fly south along four North American "superhighways." Two of those- the Atlantic and the Mississippi Flyways- converge over Pelee Island. For twenty years, the Pelee Island Bird Observatory has been monitoring bird migration over the island, adding data to our growing understanding of bird movements between their breeding grounds in the north and their wintering grounds in the south. 

Last year, graduate biologist Martha Ramirez Cruz travelled from Central Mexico to Pelee Island for a 6-week, skills exchange internship. She left us with a detailed list of birds sighted over Pelee Island that are common to her homeland in the mountains of Hidalgo state, north of Mexico City.

Information-sharing along these avian highways is vital to saving our diminishing bird populations.

This year's "Bring an International Intern to PIBO" Campaign will raise money to bring a graduate biologist from the Caribbean or Central/South America to Pelee Island- part of our mission to actively collaborate with avian organizations along the Americas flyways as part of a joint local-international effort to preserve migratory birds. 

Help support PIBO's work by giving a one-time gift of spreading it over the next six months. Contact us for more information ( 519-98207426 or visit our website