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Help Stop Bird-Window Collisions


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Help Stop Bird-Window Collisions

Every year in Canada, some 25 million birds are killed by flying into window glass. As human population increases, so does the construction of houses with windows that reflect during the day, creating the illusion of an endless sky.

For the past two years, PIBO has been helping to save birds' lives by distributing free window-collision-prevention kits to businesses in the Windsor area. We also produced two videos for homeowners:

How to Assess Your Windows for Bird Collisions

How to Prevent Window-Bird Collisions

Now we are expanding our program by distributing bird-window collision kits free of charge to everyone in southwestern Ontario who wants to save the lives of birds. Each DIY kit contains one roll of FeatherFriendly Residential Marker-Pattern Tape that will protect 16 square feet of glass patio door, glass panel railing, or window area.

Help reduce this human threat to birds by giving a one-time gift or spreading it over the next six months. Contact us for more information ( at 519-982-7426 or visit our website.