Pencils for Kids

Registered Name: Pencils For Kids/Des Crayons Pour Les Enfants

Business Number: 852715994RR0001

Our Mission

Our vision is to make a difference in the world by providing every child the opportunity for an education.

Our mission is to partner with communities to create sustainable educational opportunities by providing programs, resources and infrastructure.

About Pencils for Kids

When the founders of Pencils for Kids discovered in December 2005 that 30 children were sharing ONE pencil in a community in Niger, West Africa they decided to act. Since that time, P4K has partnered with Liboré, a community of 30,000 people in Niger, where only two schools go beyond Grade 6. Since 2006, P4K has sent over 35,000 kilograms of school supplies, created pen-pal relationships, built three schools, a library, launched 12 kindergartens, opened a sewing centre for girls, started a soccer program and sponsored hundreds of scholarships for girls.

We have also piloted the first Farmers of the Future program in four village schools, under the vision and leadership of Professor Dov Pasternak and in partnership with Eliminate Poverty Now, teaching children in primary school to move from subsistence farming to a business model where they can learn how to market their produce and invest their earnings. This involves creating income generating gardens and tree nurseries operated by women right beside the schools. 

We do this as a 100% volunteer organization with no paid staff. 

We do this one pencil, one book and one community at a time.

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