Penmar Community Arts Society

Registered Name: Penmar Community Arts Society

Business Number: 806563045RR0001

Founded in 2013


  1. To advance the public’s appreciation of the arts by:
  2. Providing access to high-quality public performances in the arts in British Columbia; and
  3. Providing free or subsidized performances for audiences that may not be able to attend performances charging regular admission fees;
  4. To advance education in the arts by providing instructional seminars, forums, workshops and speakers on topics related to the performing arts; and
  5. To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above charitable purposes.

Background and Activities:

2013-2016 : Penmar attempted to convert a heritage building in Penticton into an arts theatre. When the building was purchased by a wine business, Penmar relocated it’s operations to the Lower Mainland, and began developing live music programs for communities outside of major metropolitan areas with a mission to pay artists a fair and living wage.

These activities continue.

October 2017 : February 2018 Penmar Community Arts Society provided operational, management and marketing support to the Flamingo Project. Members and volunteers of the organization were active in Whalley (Surrey), producing live music programming in the old Flamingo Hotel in an effort to revitalize the hard-hit neighborhood prior to its planned rezoning. During this time, a member of the now closed Newton Bingo Hall, asked them to come up with a solution for Bingo. Penmar will begin operating Bingo events based in Surrey in March, 2019 to produce revenue for live music and cultural event programming on the peninsula.

November 2018 : Penmar launched Music Lottery, a bi-weekly Province wide 50/50 raffle where hard copy tickets are sold through performance venues and other community partners in British Columbia. Revenues from the sales of these tickets are earmarked for these venues and partners and used exclusively for paying talent fees via micro-grants.

What People Are Saying

"I support this project (Music Lottery ) for its support of venues and the artists that play in them, and also for their plan to use this to open dialogue between artists, music venues and other businesses in the area. "

— Hazel Bennett, The Dream Cafe Penticton, Read More

"Music MadHouse Records acts as an agent for Music Lottery and we understand the value in supporting our local British Columbia music industry through Penmar's lottery program."

— Rob Snopek, Music Madhouse Records, Burnaby, BC, Read More

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