Pentecostal Church of Drummondville


Business Number: 118895622RR0001

Our Mission

Church Vision : I long for an accessible, sympathizing and cheerful church where the unhappy and desperate find comfort and hope. A church where the message of the cross and the Gospel are of God’s power for the salvation of those who believe. A missionary church which is concerned about those who are lost and abandoned. A house of prayers where people seek the power of the Holy Spirit and different spiritual gifts. A church which thirsts after God¡¦s word and presence, a peaceful church where people love and respect one another. A church that is moving on and progressing towards spiritual maturity. An active church where every member contributes towards the growth of the kingdom of God. A church which glorifies, praises and adores God in spirit and in truth.

About Pentecostal Church of Drummondville

PAOC Church of Drummondville (Qc), see our english page on for more details.

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