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About People for Education

People for Education is an independent organization working to support public education in Ontario’s English, Catholic and French schools.
We’re passionate about publicly funded education, and we believe that well-equipped publicly funded schools, with a well-rounded curriculum, provide young people with the best chance for a bright future.

Vision of success

Canadians are proud of their strong public education system.

Canadians can link the success of the country with the strength of public education.


To accomplish our vision, People for Education is:

  • Leading the conversation about the purpose and value of universal public education
  • Leading an alliance to broaden the public’s definition of school success and expand how success is measured
  • Engaging a broader constituency of advocates to include a new generation of advocates and a broader range of civic leaders


  • disseminate information on issues relating to public education;
  • conduct research and collect data concerning the publicly funded education system and its resources in Ontario;sponsor conferences, seminars and public meetings for the exchange of ideas, information and the experiences of parents, students, educators and employees, with respect to publicly funded schools; and
  • liaise with boards of education and federal, provincial and local government agencies for the purpose of providing good quality education to students in the publicly funded education system and improving the resources received by publicly funded schools

What People Are Saying

"...the only source of credible information on what's happening in our schools."

— Toronto Star

"Our public schools belong to all of us. They could and should be thriving hubs of every community — hubs of learning, of support for families and of neighbourhood activity."

— Annie Kidder, Executive Director

"I am always impressed at the total commitment [People for Education has] to education in Ontario, and I am glad that you are there doing what you are doing to ensure the public is aware of what is going on. Keep up the good work, we need P4E. Thanks from a total fan."

— Diana Stapleton

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