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Operation Peregrine

Registered Name: Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project (Manitoba)

Business No: 873169163RR0001

Operation Peregrine

Donations in support of the Project's day-to-day operations are essential.  With the increasing number of "at-risk" species across the country and because most of our activities are on-going, we are usually not eligible for grants. The Project is volunteer-driven, relying almost entirely on public donations to support its recovery efforts. 

The Project's day-to-day recovery efforts include:

  • identifying our returning Peregrines in March/April
  • locating/identifying nesting pairs then monitoring nest sites
  • banding chicks so they can be identified in the future (hopefully when they have chicks of their own!)
  • monitoring the behaviour and health of the adults and chicks
  • monitoring the chicks as they take their first flights (called fledging) so that if they do run into trouble, we can do our best to rescue them
  • if a Peregrine (adult or chick) is injured, we work with the province's two wildlife rehabilitation organizations with the hope that the bird can be returned to the wild

Other activities include:

  • maintaining existing nestsites and installing new nestboxes where we can
  • operating a public webcam at the Radisson Hotel in Winnipeg and we hope to resurrect a camera at the nestsite in Brandon
  • providing regular updates on Manitoba's Peregrines via our Twitter account, blog and the Project's online forum
  • when and where we can, we make presentations to the general public and for school children