Separated Fathers inc.

Registered Name: PERES SEPARES INC

Business Number: 889339420RR0001

Separated Fathers inc.


Separated Fathers inc. is an acknowledged referral center for separated fathers and men experiencing a   family transition. We support the health and wellness of fathers in terms of their commitment to their children and to the community as a whole.

Our Mission: Growing Through Separation

Separated Fathers inc. is a community-based organization dedicated to supporting fathers and men through the life transition of parental break-up. We promote the importance of the father-child relationship and help separated fathers strengthen their parental role while focusing on their health and well-being.

Our approach consists of helping separated fathers and men overcome the isolation through group discussions. We encourage each person to rely on their own personal strengths in order to resolve their difficulties, while promoting member participation, peer and social solidarity.

Our Services

  • Information and support (by phone or Skype); 
  • One-on-one meeting;
  • Group support;
  • Legal workshops;
  • Conferences and special events.

An effective approach 

  • Develop coparenting skills;
  • Educate on parental rights;
  • Giving meaning to the loss;
  • Provide a structured meeting;
  • Solution focused communication;
  • Value collaboration;
  • Work on strengths and the ties with the child.

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