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Refugee Support

Campaign Ended April 5, 2019

Perth-Andover & Area Refugee Support is a community-driven effort to help refugees from the Syrian refugee crisis settle in our village in Canada and to support them financially for one year. We are partnered with the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC) and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. All refugees through this process go through a strict security screening by the UN and are deemed suitable for resettlement by the government of Canada. In doing this, we will give a family a fresh start and a future, who otherwise face insurmountable challenges and even death. 

In 2016 we welcomed a beautiful family of Syrians to our village. Thank you to everyone who supported us and them. We had a GREAT year with them and were so grateful for the opportunity to support them. In 2017, they relocated to Fredericton, NB for greater educational opportunities (community college).However, before they left we submitted an application to bring 6 more Syrians to Perth-Andover - family members of our first family. We expect them to arrive spring or summer 2018, and are excited to begin the journey again!Any donation you make today will go directly to help them pay their bills, buy food, heat their home, etc. for their first year in Canada. 


The current crisis is the biggest refugee situation since WWII and will require a global effort led by communities like ours to help resolve. There are over 4 million Syrians currently living in refugee camps. Thousands more risk their lives to flee Syria every single day. 75% of them are women and children according to the UNHCR. They have nothing and they have nothing to return to. We believe that in Perth-Andover we have the space, the resources, and the kind-hearted people needed to pull this off and give a family a great start to a new life in Canada. Find us on Facebook at Perth-Andover & Area Refugee Support and like our page to stay informed.

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