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Petits bonheurs

Registered Name: Petits bonheurs Diffusion culturelle

Business No: 841387764RR0001

Petits bonheurs


Petits Bonheurs was born from a desire to make art, in all of its form, accessible to the very young (0-6 years old). Operating as a not for profit, Petits Bonheurs believes that art has its place in the global development of a well-balanced child. We promote shows we have selected for their quality content as well as artistic workshops, all so that our young clientele can discover and experiment. Over the years we have also encouraged and helped those wanting to develop content for the little ones we serve.

We are known for our spring festival, which has become a cultural rendez-vous for those serving this young community, and this event has allowed us to connect with partners across the entire province that share our values. In fact, our Petit Bonheur Network is now 11 members strong, and is composed of municipalities, cities and regions, each of which re-produce their version of our festival.

Petits Bonheurs recognizes the importance of family and community. We therefore include creative workshops that specifically target parents and their own artistic development.

We believe that by supporting parents and their children in a relaxed environment where they can discover art and culture together, we can introduce them to a world they may not know and at the same time strengthen the ties that unite them.




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