Registered Name: Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care

Business Number: 894228063RR0001

Emily’s House is Toronto’s first pediatric residential hospice, and a project of the Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care. 

When there is no cure – someone needs to help these children and their families feel as supported as possible during their last weeks, months or days together. Not only are we providing care, we are helping to keep families together. We are championing health care, family services, and children:  their right to health, well-being and quality of life to the very end of life. 

Emily’s House provides a range of client-centred programs and services for children with a life-limiting illness in a home-like environment, as well as supports for their caregivers and siblings. We have been the home-away-from-home, for example, for an extended family of 20 people who gathered at Emily’s House and were happy to sit together, eat together, and support one another during a child’s final days.  We also have school buses dropping off siblings of kids in our residential care here, who arrive in the late afternoon ready to play with their brother or sister.  Our Play Therapist also develops daily activities to engage and activate the kids, and to give them the chance to be kids.

A care plan is developed with parents and child prior to or at admission that includes appropriate medical supports and activities to meet each individual child’s needs. The cost to provide one day (24 hours) of care for one child is $1,108.  No costs are passed on to the families, and only 61 cents on the dollar is subsidized by government sources (based on our overall operating budget).

Care is completely customized to the needs of the child and preferences of the family, and can incorporate a “circle of care” that includes up to 30 resource people, including doctors and medical teams; nurses and clinical nurse practitioners; personal support workers; play, art, legacy or music therapists; designated hospice volunteers; and a bereavement / spiritual care counsellor. 

With your support, we can help children and their families make memories out of minutes, and miracles out of days.

What People Are Saying

"Our first year is under our belt and it was a huge success! Emily's House provided care and respite to so many children. It is a pleasure working with the dedicated and professional staff at Emily's House, who welcome children and their families with open arms and treat them as their own."

— Dr. Adam Rapoport, MD, Medical Director, Emily’s House and Paediatric

"In her final weeks of life, Ava was admitted to Emily's House children's hospice where she received specialized care like no other. Ava was embraced by the staff at Emily's House and was cared for with the kindness, love and compassion that she truly deserved. "

— Ava's Dad

"We celebrate her birthday every month, because for us it’s a miracle that she’s still alive. It’s a great experience that we are here. It’s amazing. "

— Baby Stephanie's Mom

"My one regret is that we found this home at Emily's House so late in his life. We could put our heads down at night and feel comfortable knowing that he was happy and cared for. You gave us our life back. You made us healthier as a family, and made us happier, better able to cope …. "

— A dad

"I have had 16 big operations and lots of smaller ones. This makes getting through each day hard, but I am so happy for the help given to me. It all helps me forget my pain for a while. And when I get scared I can ask for help to guide me through this unusual life. "

— an 11-year old who visited Emily’s House after school

"Thank you for addressing not only the full spectrum of needs of the patient, but also for making therapies available to ensure the ongoing well-being of the patient's parents and siblings.”"

— Emily's Mom

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