Pink Pearl Canada

Registered Name: Pink Pearl Foundation

Business Number: 809542830RR0001

Our Mission:

Pink Pearl Canada is a community-oriented charitable organization that provides support, facilitates connections and empowers young women who are courageously overcoming the social and emotional challenges of being diagnosed with cancer.

Our Programs:

Our programs offer a connected community of peer support for young women between 18 and 40 years facing cancer of any type through our suite of programming and online discussions. Our program development process takes into account the needs, feelings and concerns of its young female program participants. 

Read about our current programs offered at no cost to our participants:

Retreats encourage our program participants to connect, self-reflect, and share experiences in a safe and peer-supported environment

Local Socials provide a relaxed environment for young women with cancer to connect and to learn more about our support-based programs

Learning Series invite young women with cancer to come together to learn about a topic of interest over brunch or dinner

Pink Pearl Support Packages contain helpful resources, guided questions, and a symbolic bracelet for young women newly diagnosed with cancer in over 8 hospitals and wellness centres across southern Ontario

Post-Secondary Scholarship is awarded to a young woman with cancer who is involved in her community and attending a post-secondary institution

Ambassador Program invites our program participants to facilitate Local Socials and lend a listening ear to young women facing cancer

Private Facebook Group provides an online community of support for young women with cancer to share and learn together 

What People Are Saying

"The overnight retreat gave me an opportunity to share stories & experiences with women who were going through something similar. It was such a great feeling to open up & chat with other young women—people who just ‘get it’. I created friendships that I know will last longer than my cancer journey. "

— Dory Kashin, Program Participant & Volunteer, Read More

"I had the opportunity to thank attendees and express my sincere gratitude for their support. I shared my Pink Pearl experiences and the impact it has had on my life with guests and also with other young women who are at the beginning of their cancer journey."

— Lilian Yip, Program Participant , Read More

"I love surrounding myself with women who are strong and preserve through anything that life throws at them."

— Sarah Andrews, Community Volunteer

"Words can not express how much comfort and support I feel when I participate in each retreat."

— Lyndsie Smit, Program Participant, Read More

"I chose to volunteer for Pink Pearl after participating in a retreat. We were encouraged to discuss anything in a judgement free environment. I jumped at the chance to help more young women living with cancer to feel a sense of community and empowerment about their journey in the same way I did."

— Maddie Jenkins, Program Participant & Volunteer , Read More

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