Please Help Me (Arche Orphanage Haiti)

Registered Name: S.V.P. Aidez-moi / Please Help Me

Business Number: 835416892RR0001

Our non profit organisation started in 2010 after the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. We wanted to help children that lost their parents. We started with 10 children and we now have 27 orphans. We are looking to be sustainable with our own garden, goats and chickens hurd and solar panel to pump water. We also received a large donation to start a trade school in 2018 for the oldest children with English and Spanish classes for every kids from the orphenage.

We are looking for monthly recurring donor to help us operate our orphanage with basic needs for the kids (house, food, school). We are being asked regularly by the official if we could expand our orphanage to welcome more orphans. There is close to 500,000 orphans in Haiti.

We are also looking for strategic and corporate partners ready to help us expand our orphanage. Your support can provide not only shelter but basic needs for the kids. If you would like to participate as donor or volunteer, please contact us or give generously on this web site. Tax receipt will be issued on this site.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Mauro Bucci

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