Port Alberni Shelter Society


Business Number: 128847084RR0001

Our Mission

The purpose of our organization is to act as a gateway to stable housing and supportive services. The Port Alberni Shelter provides temporary accommodation and essential services designed to meet the immediate needs of the homeless.

About Port Alberni Shelter Society

The Port Alberni Shelter Society (PASS) is a non profit organization that works with people who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. The Port Alberni Shelter is run by the Port Alberni Shelter Society which was first established in 1972 as the Friendship Lodge, and has provided room and board accommodation and emergency shelter since that date. Currently the Shelter has a total of 42 beds with 12 reserved for emergency shelter clients.

In Addition

At present we are using private vehicles to gather donated produce, fruits, vegetables and bread from various grocery, super markets and retailers to the distance in some instances of the next city over. These goods are shared throughout the community to feed the poorest of poor. School children, single parent families, working poor, food programs and seniors. Those, who otherwise would not have access to this extremely necessary share of a healthy diet.

Your gifts help us in our endeavors to gather and share within our community something many don’t realize does not make it to the table in many homes. Your gift can assist us in our efforts to fund raise towards purchasing a guaranteed mode of transport in turn expanding this ever increasing cry for nourishment, vegetables, fruit and perishables lacking in so many lives.

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