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Our Mission

“A world where people with a mental illness are able to lead productive and rewarding lives.” This is our Vision.

Our Mission for POTENTIAL PLACE SOCIETY, is that through the ICCD Clubhouse model, provides opportunities to improve quality of life for people suffering from a mental illness. The Clubhouse recovery model promotes the concepts of participation, personal development and

individual empowerment.

We believe:

? People with a persistent mental illness have the potential to achieve a satisfying and meaningful life.

? Gainful employment as well as meaningful and productive social activities are powerful re-generative and re-integrative forces.

? The Clubhouse model can make real and positive differences in the lives of people with a mental illness.

? The user-supported program provides the most effective approach for our member’s reintegration into society.


The work-mediated relationships that develop between the staff and members throughout the Clubhouse are the benchmark for clubhouses throughout the world. Staff and members working together assure that all service functions are carried out each day. Members are encouraged to assist. We offer a place where members can practice managing their symptoms without fear of negative consequences. We provide four different types of employment opportunities for members: from group, transitional, supported to self employment. Social events are scheduled primarily on evenings and weekends. Clubhouses give members a place to go, something to do, and supportive people to be with. We also offer a variety of housing opportunities for members. ”. This program consists of members acting as their own property managers. In essence; like a condominium association without any fees and restricting politics. All decisions made at meetings around program decisions are made through consensus.

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