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Support for Mental Health Clients during Covid-19

Potential Place is a non-profit mental health agency dedicated to improving the lives of people with chronic mental illness. We hope to help our members lead productive and rewarding lives.

It is crucial to continue to support the mental health of our most vulnerable people during these uncertain times. We are conscious of a few important issues for our members during this time of social distancing:

1. Social isolation

2. Mental health recovery

3. Food security

We continue to support our mental health clients through our food hamper and meal program (via pickup and delivery). We also continue to socially support our members via conference calling, video conferencing, and phone calls.

A significant portion of our funding is at risk this year due to event postponements and cancellations. We hope to be able to continue to support people with chronic and persistent mental illnesses during this time. Your contribution will make a significant difference in the lives of some of our most vulnerable people during this time. Thank you.