pounds per square inch performance


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About Us

Led by Artistic Director, Gerry Trentham, pounds per square inch performance (lbs/sq”) fosters contemporary, integrated arts creation and performance, while providing opportunities that hone artistic craft and encourage excellence in performance.

Inter-Arts Performance

lbs/sq” reflects a trans-disciplinary, cultural/environmental consciousness where artists connect mutual interests in the transformative human body/mind as a primary source for creation and performance. Our art at lbs/sq”, founded in Trentham’s advanced study of dance, voice and theatre disciplines, laces and layers dance, written/spoken poetic text, sound/music, with visual/media art to ask questions about our individual distinctiveness; how are we transformed in relation to each other within our natural or constructed environments of form, culture, gender or nationhood, not only as human nature, but nature’s human?

Based in Toronto, pounds per square inch performance has produced over 35 of pounds' founding Artistic Director Gerry Trentham’s original works; assisted in the development, creation and presentation of more than 20 productions by numerous independent artists including international productions.

Education and Mentoring

Moving Voice Institute - Our mentoring, education and outreach includes producing the programs of the Moving Voice Institute formerly Canada's National Voice Intensive (CNVI).  This program founded by Gerry Trentham's mentor, renowned voice teacher David Smukler and now directed by a faculty of exemplary performance educators presents workshops and intensive internationally. www.movingvoice.org

The Fulcrum Project - Now in its tenth year assists select independent artists find a balance of artistic and administrative necessities/vision through a community of learning, shared resources and charitable support. Over the last decade the program has been fundamental to the development of numerous performance creators. 

lbs/sq" offers you, the donor, the opportunity to earmark your donation toward specific funds including supporting Artistic Director Gerry Trentham's new creation/production projects and remounts, supporting individual Fulcrum Associate Artists or supporting the programs of the Moving Voice Institute that provide training subsidies to artists in need and internship fees to help support the next generation of performance teachers.

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