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Powassan and District Union Public Library

Registered Name: Powassan and District Union Public Library

Business No: 107854614RR0001

The Library is a focal point for the community, serving the needs of the public in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Powassan and District Union Public Library


We are now fully reopened!

Recently, I received a letter sent by a patron for the continuation of funding for your library. I am sharing it with you since I could not have written a better plea for funding.

I am …. a 45 year resident of this area and a 45 year user of our local library. ….

….Whoever started the urban myth "Libraries are obsolete; nobody reads books anymore." has obviously never visited the Powassan and District Union Public Library. 

Recently the library installed a wall of coat hooks at child height to accommodate the growing number of young patrons. Does that not give you great hope for the future leaders of our society?

Moreover, a library is not just about books. It is a dynamic learning centre for the area communities offering free information, knowledge and services to all ages. 

Like many community services, our local library is especially beneficial for those with limited income who lack computers, printers, Internet service and funds for educational books at home.  Knowledgeable library staff are always willing to offer one-on-one or group support.

As a retiree, I now spend many more hours at the library using a variety of services. 

I see that the library is always busy with people of all ages from all the surrounding communities accessing services. 

  • Young families - Raising Readers reading and playgroup with award winning books in both English and French; educational toys and networking opportunities for parents. Homeschooling support materials. 
  • Youth - age related books, building games and educational computer programs for research. After-school, PD day and Saturday programs for fun learning. OPP sponsored Saturday science and tech groups. Social awareness programs such as knitting winter items for those in need. TD Summer Reading Program. 
  • Adults - books, computers and printers for business or personal research, tech support, inter-library loan service. Internet job searches; printing resumes, emailing resumes, yoga, Scrabble. 
  • Seniors - books, large print books and audio books for those with reduced vision; computers, printers, free group or individual tech support from beginner computer knowledge, to how to use personal iPads to Skype the grandkids, free, Public information presentations - fraud prevention, health care, art therapy for mental health, rug hooking, Scrabble, yoga classes. 
  • Summer residents - above services for those without internet access, plus 'rainy day sanity savers' - used books, magazines, DVD's, jig saw puzzles. 

 … Canada is, like the rest of the world, experiencing an unprecedented economic and humanitarian crisis. We know that economic recovery will take many years of difficult decisions as funding cuts and sacrifices will be necessary at all levels. … “

We need to keep these services going.  Your donation will make a huge difference to your community -- help us keep your library going!

Thank you.  All donations are greatly appreciated!

Marie Rosset, CEO





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