PPS Danse

Registered Name: PPS DANSE INC.

Business Number: 126027275RR0001

Founded in 1989, PPS Danse's mission is to create, produce and disseminate  choreographic works. By investing in three major areas: creation, production and cultural action, PPS Danse continues to affirm its position as a pillar of Québec's dance community.   

The values of humanism, of sharing artistry and effort, underpin the company's activities which are founded on the principle of encounter: a coming together of artistry, creative works, communities, youth and adult audiences.

In making a donation to PPS Danse, you:

-           support our artistic vision

-           inspire our artistic projects

-           help create links between the disciplines and different audiences

-           encourage an approach aimed at creating and transmitting

-           participate in enriching thousands of young spectators

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