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Our Mission

Prairieaction Foundation raises and grants funds to support:

1. RESOLVE (Research and Education for Solutions to Violence and Abuse), a tri-provincial Prairie research network that seeks solutions to violence and abuse;

2. community-based research into solutions to violence and abuse through the CARE Grants Program;

3. education and awareness programs to end violence and abuse; and

4. the dissemination of research results.

Through several years of front-line research into the causes PAF is a leader in working to find solutions to protect women and children from violence and abuse. We are funding the research necessary to make better community decisions to increase the successes in this area.

What success has Prairieaction had to date?

Our funding has resulted in the Winnipeg Family Violence Court, the first of its kind in Canada, networking with a variety of community groups to change its processes and programs in addressing individuals with violent behaviours. The results are a reduced level of repeat offending and an increase in the number of offenders’ ongoing commitment to counseling.

In working to safeguard children the Evaluation of the Community Safe Visitation Program at the YWCA Sheriff King Home in Calgary led to five pilot sites across Alberta. This project provided a protective and safe setting for visitation and transfers of children between parents without the parents having to see each other.

These are but two examples of our successes.


Imagine a world without family violence and abuse.

With your help we’re finding solutions, through research, that are leading to success for our community

Violence and abuse towards women and children always starts with a slap – but the causes are much more complicated to understand and to correct.

The cure for family abuse will be built upon the research findings on the causes of it. The knowledge of the ‘why’ of family violence will lead to the more effective ‘how’ measures in the community to reduce or stop abuse. The realities of the ‘street’ must be more understood if we are to implement strategies other than continuing to solely develop housing, counseling programs and or crises services.

The cure must also be built on a broad-spectrum awareness of persons

working in the educational, medical, judicial, government and community services fields of the causes and suggested actions they could initiate to address this critical issue.

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